Through the Pipe—Our Story

Expert Gas Plumbing is the result of the McGurk family’s decision to forge their own path in the face of a merger of two Florida utility suppliers. Determined to provide the surrounding community with the services they needed, but might miss out on due to the merger, the McGurks founded the company in 1998. With a focus on expertise, the Expert Gas Team aimed to position themselves as an extension of the utility company—making the most of the combined 40 years experience the team has in the industry. By hiring like-minded employees, the McGurks have grown the business into what it is today: a trusted turnkey solution that makes using clean energy a clear choice. And because of the company’s allegiance with TECO Peoples Gas, the clear choice is also a rewarding choice—customers receive rebates when they utilize natural gas.

Who Is Expert Gas?

Expert Gas Plumbing provides trusted residential and commercial natural gas products and services to four Florida counties with levels of professionalism, integrity and efficiency gained through 40 years of combined experience in the industry. As a family owned business, that values customer satisfaction above all else, we comply with all industry safety and certification requirements, maintain a drug-free work environment and hold our employees to the highest standards of business ethics.
Through a combined 40 years in the industry, Expert Gas TEAM members have achieved a level of expertise deserving of our customers’ trust. This is renewed and fortified annually through the recertification and training required to maintain our status as a Level 2 contractor. With this level 2 status, Expert Gas Plumbing is able to provide the highest level of service to our customers.
As a certified Level 2 contractor, Expert Gas Plumbing has proven that, as a company, it has the knowledge and skill to provide true turnkey solutions to the community directly. This means that by having physical access to the meter facility, an Expert Gas Plumbing employee can set the meter, arrange for the proper inspections thru the local authorized gas inspectors and turn on the gas service themselves—saving our customers time and money.

Our Skills

Installation and Service
Gas Leak Repair
Appliance Installation and Service
Pool, Spas & Fireplaces Installation/Conversion

Our Management Team

Eddie McGurkPresident
Geri McGurkTreasurer, Secretary